what if instead of obsessing over musicians and actors, we stalked scientists and we knew all their names and faces and ran screaming after them in the street begging for an autograph and practiced physics and chemistry hoping to impress our crushes

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Impressions: Zankyou no Terror


I only have two complaints about Zankyou no Terror

1. The airport chess game with Five tried too hard. It seemed like they relied on the chess metaphor because it’s seen as a smart way to show that the characters were are having a battle of wits. The references to greek literature were better but…


watched ZnT this week.. I have 3 comments:

  1. okay
  2. *insert number here* is crazy
  3. 9 is handsome

I’ll never get over this okay feeling. Never


If you didn’t watch Zankyou no Terror yet what are you doing with your life?
I mean seriously ZnK and Free are my life 24/7